Ropes Challenge

The Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center Ropes and Challenge Course provides groups with an experience that promotes cooperation, trust, compassion, understanding, and communication, while also developing confidence and sense of worth of each member of the group. The end result is a team that functions more effectively, enhancing performance, decision making and leadership skills. The Ropes & Challenge Course is designed to create a work team dedicated to improving their productivity and performance. Cooperation is essential to accomplish common goals; consequently, participants come to value and maximize their own leadership styles, ideas and strengths in the team context.

Ropes Course programs incorporate the use of the “high” and “low” ropes courses in order to provide groups with a uniquely different growth experience. Safety is our primary concern and our “challenge-by-choice” philosophy allows each participant to determine his or her own degree of personal challenge on the course. Each participant is encouraged to attempt each of the elements, once that commitment to try has been made our staff will encourage and help participants to reach, and in most cases, exceed their intended goals.

For additional information and price quote on using the Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center Ropes and Challenge Course, contact Joel Jarvis, Director.

Note that Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center does use ABEE certified leaders.


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Enjoy a Black Oak Lodge mid-week get-a-way(Jan–Mar) and pay only for those who attend – no minimum lodging charges! We provide complimentary coffee/tea. Call 920.787.2861 or email for details. Thank you for enjoying the scenic beauty of Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center in the winter.” (Restrictions may apply)
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